Single Tooth Implant Restoration
initial crop

The patient lost a front tooth due to trauma.  We referred the patient to a specialist for the placement of an implant and then restored the implant at our office with a custom implant abutment and an all porcelain crown.  The picture shows how natural and beautiful a tooth restored with an implant can be.

Old Veneers Made New
M Preop

This patient had veneers placed many years ago.  They were worn, chipped and not as natural and feminine looking as she would have liked.  We removed the old veneers, and redesigned her smile using the rule of golden proportions to achieve a beautiful natural looking smile.

M Finished
Crowns and Veneers to Rejuvinate a Smile
TS pretx redo

This patient had a long history of dental work but was lacking any continuity.  Much of the work was done many years ago and it was starting to show its age.  We used a combination of crowns and veneers to achieve a harmonious result we think speaks for itself.

TS final
Traumatic Injury Reconstruction
H preop

This patient was in a car accident and he had multiple fractures of his anterior teeth.  Discussions with the patient revealed that prior to the accident his teeth were not “perfect” but that they had several small spaces between them and he wanted to maintain the natural look of his teeth when they were rebuilt.  A combination of tooth colored fillings, crowns and veneers resulted in a very happy patient.

H final
Simple Tooth Colored Filling
VL Preop

This patient chipped a front tooth when he hit it on a glass.  We restored it with a tooth colored filling material we call a composite.  With the restoration in place, its virtually unnoticeable!

VL Postop